Enjoying Christmas without piling on the Pounds
Monday, December 17, 2012 at 9:31PM
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Christmas is the nemesis to any training or fitness regime. If you exercise regularly or work at keeping the weight off by watching what you eat, then Christmas brings unimaginable challenges to our willpower [like a 90% sale at Jimmy Choo’s or Mulberry handbags]

Pre Christmas parties and catching up with old and new friends is a huge part of the festivities of the season. Each encounter usually involving high calorific food and alcohol, it would be rude to just say NO! Not even the greatest amongst us can sit there and eat a salad with a glass of water every time.  So below are 5 actions you can take to still enjoy the festivities and not pile on the pounds

  1. One helping – Many of us may reach for a second helping of that desert or if at a buffet, another plate of food. Avoid lathering the gravy, you can measure pouring from the jug. Use a tablespoon and measure out two to three spoonfuls. Eat smaller portions and stick to that portion. Many of us forget this. At most restaurants you can request a smaller helping and this means less calorie intake.
  2. Drink Water – Have a big night plan, dehydration is a big reason for that hangover and the craving for the fry up the morning after. Drinking water throughout the day before and the day after will keep us hydrated, flush out toxins and can also help beat off a lot of the cravings for high calorie foods
  3. Be selective – Ok so the party buffet at a Chinese restaurant and all you can see around you is oily food. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for a fresh cooked meal rather than the ones that have been sitting in oil for a while.  If that isn’t possible, avoid anything that is deep-fried or comes laden with salt. That chicken in black bean sauce is definitely a no-no.
  4. Fight back – Ok, you eat too much, drank more than you should and now all you can do is try damage limitation. If you are pushed for time, then exercises like skipping are a great fat burner. 15 minutes of continuous skipping is the equivalent of a 45 minute run, you will be panting and sweating and something you can get done indoors  or in your garden. As with all exercise, take caution if you haven’t exercised in a while.
  5. Stay positive – You planned all the above and none of it happened. You gave in every time and didn’t fight back. Ok, well, don’t beat yourself up. Staying positive and keeping a goal to get fit is the first step. No crash dieting needed here. The damage has been done and is repairable so get a plan and as the festivities pass, get outdoors (or in a gym if you prefer) and begin your new regime, it’s never to late to get healthy.

Have a enjoyable Christmas.

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Christmas is a week away and here are some tips to keep you on track.

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