In just 10 weeks size 18 to 14
Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at 9:10PM
Shirl Fitness


I had recently moved from Ireland to Chesham with my husband and 2 young sons. I had just turned 40 was very overweight and zero confidence. I was looking through 'your chesham' magazine and saw Shirl Fitness. I emailed her and my new life began. I went to 1 class, loved it joined her other class and loved that too then joined her other class. It was something I had never experienced before, after numerous gyms and diets that did nothing for me. Shirley gave me the chance to do her 10 week challenge, this was a dream come true. She was to act as a mentor and give me weekly meal plans.I met Shirley and we discussed my like and dislikes for food and drink. I was eating 6 times a day plus having a few glasses of wine(I love my wine). 10 weeks ago I was a size 18, today I am a size 14, lost a total of 26.5 inches and loving my new lifestyle. Shirley's classes are the hardest i have ever done but by far the best. I eat fabulous meals have a wee vino or 2. My husband has noticed my confidence grow, I have a spring in my step now. I will continue to workout with Shirley. To top it all of I have an amazing bunch of friends now.

Thank you Shirley, much love Lorraine

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Lorraine's Stats:


Bust was 47" now 42
Waist was 46" now 38.5
Hips was 49" now 44.5"
Arms was 15" now 13"
Thigh was 28" now 23.5"


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